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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Menu Plan WC 16th January 2012

Menu Plan WC 16th January 2012

So I thought a better way for me to do my menu plan is to list out last weeks - I'm not doing too great at being organised over the holidays and I usually do a big shop get random stuff and decide on the night what we'll this is what we all ate last week.....

Monday Night - Rachel my 9 year old cooked a meal for the first time solo - she did great, she didn't like rolling them so i helped with that....all the family loved them (actually except Hannah, who's turned very fussy of late) we all gave great praise and she was chuffed she cooked tea for everyone.  I'm going to try and make it a weeky event for Rachel. 

Herbal Chicken Horsdoeuvre
Served with Creamy Cheese potatoes and peas and corn

Tuesday Night - Tonight I left dinner till way too late, but I still wanted to cook something, so we had a later dinner - holidays and all - doesn't really matter - usually I'm a 'dinner by 6pm' some meat out of the freeze, quickly defrosted it and whipped up a not so family favourite (well so i thought) 

Beef Stroganoff
Served with Pasta and Carrots and Brocolli

They all ate it up so quickly, Andy (3) even had seconds - lesson learnt, it's important to try things several times with kids, eventually they get used to it and you may just be surprised to learn it's suddenly a family favourite not the other way around. 

Wednesday Night - Good old favourite in our house and you'll see this pop up on most of my menu plans - definitely one that you can get started late and still have dinner served by 6pm.....this is the one that saves us a bunch of money - except i wish cheese wasn't so expensive.....

Pizza - EDC Cookbook for Pizza Base recipe - so easy!  I get 3 bases out of one batch of dough
Topped with (in this order) tomato paste, cheese, ham, pineapple, more cheese

Thursday Night - Had a very busy day this day - don't think i got home from being out at 9am - till 4.30 - picked friends up from the airport, made a TMX delivery (with 4 kids in tow) lunch at the park and then to my favourite store with a friend (still with 4 kids in tow) Gagani's Bros - shopped lots and stocked up my pantry with lots of goodness!   So after such a busy day I spoilt my kids with a meal my hubby and I used to eat often pre-kids - thought i'd introduce them to it......they loved it....

Nacho's topped with Bolognaise Sauce, sour cream and sweet chili sauce
I poured Corn chips into a deep dish, covered with a bit of grated cheese and baked in oven for 10 mins (until cheese melted) then topped with the Bolognaise sauce, few dollops of sour cream and sweet chili if desired.

Friday Night - Relaxing day today - enjoyed just hanging at home - Dinner tonight was left up to hubby (not that he knew it) he took the kids out for tea - I was heading out the door at 5pm -had a huge demo planned for the evening - something a bit different than the norm.  Showed the Thermomix to a group of ladies (from a church) 21 in total, had 2 thermomixes going and gave them a treat of a 6 course meal - they loved it and I loved the opportunity to do such a huge demonstration of the Thermomix, it all went well and the food tasted great - except i put way too much mint in one of the sorbets - lol..

Out with Dad for Dinner 

Saturday Night - I had made 4 risotto's that week (2 at deliveries and 2 at demo's) so I was craving risotto myself after making it often but not actually eating it - so Risotto was on the menu for our family - Did a basic flavour - but still yummy.....important ingredient is of course the TM vege stock

Chicken Risotto

Sunday Night - Left overs for all - Snatch and grab on Sundays in our house quite often - Kids had weetbix for desert - classic, they love it!  

During the week I also made  

Banana Bread 
Milo Biscuits
Gluten Free Spice Bread
Basic Bread Rolls
Spreadable Butter
Vegetable Stock Concentrate
Dips galore
And probably more that got eaten just as quickly as it got made

As i look back now on what we ate, we didn't really eat that healthy - lots of homemade but not overall healthy - I'll try and be more thoughtful of the meals.....hard though with kids at young ages - I do know i spent about $80 at the markets on fruit and veg and all of that is gone now so at least I know we got a lot of fresh fruit and veg in our diets, My trolley was so heavy - without fail no matter how much i buy we seem to eat it all - I keep buying more - seems the more i buy the more we eat.   We'll see what this week holds :-)  Happy Cooking. 


  1. Great idea to post what you actually had, not what you are planning on having! It is inspiration non the less! I never stick to my menu plans as something else suddenly takes my fancy, or the meal I have planned suddenly seems to boring.
    Last night I made the Vietnamese salad from Teninas dinner spinner app and OMG it was the best and so easy!

  2. Thanks for linking up, Sarah! Your menu sounds very kid friendly - I'm sure they loved it!! (I know mine would... one of my kids is REALLY not enjoying that I've increased the salads!! ha ha)