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Monday, November 14, 2011

Milo Custard

Since I'm in Milo mood, thought I'd do a Milo Custard (a friend at school gave me the idea)  My kids just ate a bowl each for dessert - they loved it.

30g Sugar
40g Milo
30g Cornflour
2 Eggs
700g Milk

Add Sugar, Milo and Cornflour to bowl - Speed 9 for 10 seconds
Add Eggs and Milk - speed 3 or 4 for 8 minutes - 90 degrees

Eat straight away!  
I'm going to try and freeze it in small tubs and see what it's like for lunchbox treats (should defrost by recess time) 


  1. what was it like frozen and then thawed??

  2. Terrible Rach, don't do kind of separated and went really goupy and weird. I have however tried the same recipe with no eggs and then froze it in ice block stick holders....they were GREAT! The no egg helped for reason. They were like paddle pops.