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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A happy customer of mine shares her thoughts on the Thermomix!  

Well I was your very first demo hostess.!!

The night was a great success with everyone being amazed at just what the TM could do.

 We are just a family of 2 but it is often 4 people and I have found the thermomix to be really helpful. Like everyone else I guess have had my failures but after ringing Sarah and with her help have managed to work out why.

 I just love making risotto and just last week made aracine balls with the leftovers. They were yummy.
I find the more I use the TM the less I have to refer to the book to see speeds and temperatures etc. The scones are the best I've ever made (and I'd thought I was pretty good before) and if I haven't got buttermilk I just put a dash of vinegar or lemon juice in the milk .

I am 78years old and have just loved experimenting and going on line to the website forum with anything unusual I want to have a go at making.

Once again being able to ring Sarah with any queries I may have has been wonderful .I am sure you won't regret buying a thermomix

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