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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frozen Yoghurt Dessert

Found a recipe on and thought i'd post it - I made a few changes.....

500g Natural TM Yoghurt (or store bought)
400g cream
150g sugar
300g Stewed Fruit of choice (I used leftover Nectarines)

Place sugar in bowl - Speed 10 for 20 seconds
Add remaining ingredients - Mix on Speed 5 for 40 seconds

Place in Freezer overnight

Take out and let defrost slightly (half an hour) cut into chunks and place back in bowl - do half first - Speed 5 - 20 seconds then add remaining chunks and mix again on Speed 8 for 1 minute with add of spatula 

MY KIDS LOVED IT!  I've got stacks left and will freeze for future use.  My mind is ticking now how it might go in a little tub for school recess - wonder how long it'd stay frozen for???  

Reduce sugar if you want it healthier, i'll do that next time and see the results....also you could reduce cream and add more yoghurt.  Definitely one you can fiddle with and it wouldn't make a huge difference to outcome!   

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