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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Yoghurt Discoveries (2)


1 litre of full cream milk (long life)
120g pot set yoghurt
50g milk powder

Place all ingredients into Thermomix and warm for 4 minutes - 50 degrees - Speed 4
Pour yoghurt into small jars or containers and wrap them in a blanket or towel to keep warm.  Leave for 8-12 hours to set - Do not disturb or move the jars around
Put in fridge to chill before serving

* Use long life milk, it is important that your milk start off at room temperature
* Use Jalna brand POT SET Yoghurt - This is definitely the key - I've tried with Farmers union, generic brand etc natural yoghurts and it is no where near as thick and creamy - kind of hit and miss with these brands.  Jalna is the WAY TO GO. 
* Use about 400-500g size jars - smaller jars gives you a thicker consistency 
* Don't move your yoghurt around while it is setting - do not disturb the process!!!

This was an okay consistency, not as thick as the other recipe but I really did like that my yoghurt was done and left to set within a very short 4 minutes.   The other downfall was having it set 3 jars instead of one large pot.  I will attempt having it set in the thermoserver next time and see what result I get. 

I would give this 7/10 for taste and texture but 10/10 for the ease and simplicity to make yoghurt.  Perhaps as i reuse this as my culture for next time it will keep getting better and thicker.  

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