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Monday, October 24, 2011


A happy customer of mine shares her thoughts on the Thermomix!  
What I love about my new Thermomix:

"Where do I start, and how do I even start to explain how this one little machine (nicknamed "Little Chef" in our house) has literally CHANGED my life and my families life forever?! 

I have had some health issues in the past few years relating to food allergies and so buying food such as take-out or pre-packaged is simply something I can no longer do. I was also very passionate about providing my family with the BEST quality food possible, and get this I'm a working Mum too so I needed something that would take me less time than what I was spending to prepare it?! Can't be done right? Wrong!!! 

The Thermomix has allowed me to cook very healthy food, from scratch quicker than if I had bought pre-packed food. Amazing! The money we have saved is truly noticable too. I spend most of our food money now at the fruit/veg/nut/grains store and a LOT less money and Coles & Woolworths. In fact, with some of the money we have saved we chose to start having our groceires delivered. Even more time I can spend now with my children doing the things that really count in life! 

Thank you Thermomix! I'll never go back to the old days, NEVER."

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