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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Yoghurt Discoveries (3)

 Third Batch - EDC Recipe - Skim Milk
800g skim milk
50g milk powder
3 Tbsp Pot Set Yoghurt

Combine milk and milk powder in Thermomix - Speed 7 for 10 Seconds
Cook for 30 minutes at 90 degrees on Speed 1
Allow to cool to 37 degrees - (I stuck my finger in when the light came up 37 degrees and it still wasn't really body temperature, i waited an extra 10 minutes or so and then it was perfect)
Add the pot set yoghurt - Speed 4 for 4 Seconds
Cook for 10 minutes - 37 degrees - Speed 1
Pour into thermoserver and wrap in a blanket/towel to keep warm (Or use a thermos like Easiyo)
Leave for 8-12 hours to thicken - be sure not to fiddle with it during this process or move it around
Pop in fridge to chill before serving

* Use Jalna brand POT SET Yoghurt - This is definitely the key - I've tried with Farmers union, generic brand etc natural yoghurts and it is no where near as thick and creamy - kind of hit and miss with these brands.  Jalna is the WAY TO GO. 
* When the 37 degree light comes up just test with your finger, it usually needs a tad longer to cool, you'll know if it's too hot - I waited 10 extra minutes
* Don't move your yoghurt around while it is setting - do not disturb the process!!!

This was my second attempt in making yoghurt with skim milk and this time it worked!  I think it is because of the Jalna Pot Set yoghurt!  It is not quite as tart and thick as the full cream milk version but if low fat milk is the only option for you I think this would pass with flying colours.  Nothing wrong with it at all. 

I would rate this 8/10 - again time consuming because of the cool down part of the recipe.  Night time is the best option for making yoghurt - then it can set overnight.  

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