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Monday, October 31, 2011


A happy customer of mine shares her thoughts on the Thermomix!  

 With four children, ages 4 - 10, I find most mealtimes a bit of a challenge. Including myself and my husband, we all have different tastes, food phobias, and varying degrees of wilful disobedience :) 

 I can remember many late afternoons, getting home from a long day out together, and dreading having to cook a dinner that possibly only 1/4 of the kids would like and maybe 1/2 of the adults. So, we would get take out! A lot! More than I would like to admit. 

 Now that we have the Thermomix, I have discovered new dishes, using fresh, healthy ingredients, that the kids will eat (let's not get carried away and say they are in love with my cooking). The feeling of coming home, at even 5:30, and knowing I can cook a tasty meal in 30 minutes is freedom! Our favorites are butter chicken, spaghetti bolognaise, and fresh bread baked by mom! 

 I have always tried to cook with fresh ingredients and now it is even easier. So, I would say I am saving time, sanity, and the money I would be spending on take away!! I am Michelle Lloyd, yes I'm American, and if we ever move back, that machine is coming with us :)

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