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Monday, August 13, 2012

Thermomix Testimonial..........14th August, 2012

Here is a great testimony from one of my happy customers, thanks for sharing a small snippet of your journey so far!  I'm thrilled the Thermomix has been such an asset to your household......

The Thermomix has changed the way we cook and shop. 

To my surprise we have not bought a loaf of bread since it arrived. 

We also have cut down on take-away food and eating out (including my husband buying his lunch everyday) because the food we cook at home is just as tasty and easy to make than buying it prepared. 

We eat healthier and fresher than we ever have! 

Our favorite dish in our Thermomix is butter chicken and homemade naan! 

Great savings in not buying lunch every day.....and wow, never having bought a loaf of bread's been a few months now!  Well done!  

Eating healthier and fresher is always the BEST part about selling Thermomix, I love that my customers can see and experience this change!  

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