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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rocky Road

Was a friends house a while ago and she served Rocky Road - I was pleasantly surprised to find Raspberries inside it - here is her recipe and I've converted it to a Thermomix method.

500g Milk Chocolate
100g Mini Marshmallows
150g Raspberry Lollies
25g Coconut
30g Rice Bubbles (optional)
100g Pistachios (optional)

Place Raspberries in Thermomix and Turbo 3 times or until roughly chopped - SET ASIDE
Place Chocolate in bowl - Speed 4 - 50 degrees - 4 minutes.   Scrape bowl down and set again for 1 minute. 
Add marshmallows, lollies, coconut, pistachios and rice bubbles - Reverse - Speed 3 - 30 seconds or until combined.
Pour into lined tin and set in fridge

Here is the white chocolate version - didn't do Raspberries but Glace Cherries instead.  Also no rice bubbles.
Very Christmasy I think!

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