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Monday, November 28, 2011


A happy customer of mine shares her thoughts on the Thermomix!  

I LOVE my Thermomix.....and I am having fun adapting any non-Thermomix recipes I want to try, to do them in the Thermomix. 

The other day I made the Pasta with Tuna for dinner.....I had all the ingredients in the pantry, so it was really easy just to throw it together and let the Thermomix do the rest! 

Another thing I am really enjoying is the fruit more rotten fruit in my fridge! Whenever I go down to Port Elliot with Mum and Dad, I take the Thermomix with me - so Mum can have fun with it too! 

I think the Thermomix is giving me the freedom to be adventurous in my cooking...because I know that 
1) it will be quick - I won't be cooking all day, and 
2) I will only have one thing to wash up!                                                  Heather 41

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